Email Marketing

The secret weapon to building loyalty, lowering buying resistance…and making money 24/7

Email doesn’t make money…right?


Well-designed email marketing has the power to build immense brand loyalty, capture customers who just weren’t quite ready to buy yet, and…

…The best part…you don’t have to buy ad space on someone else’s platform!

The Power of Email Marketing

When a customer gives you their email address they are giving you their most valuable commodity…their attention.

Think about it… how many “subscribe here and save!” popups and forms do you see on a daily basis? I’d venture to say: so many that you don’t even notice them anymore. And you aren’t alone.

Despite most revenue-generating sites desperately trying to get you to subscribe to their email list… the average opt-in percentage is a measly 1.95%! If you are completely average (hey, nothing wrong with that sometimes!) that means for every 100 viable visitors you get, only two will actually give up the goods (their email address…)

How do you feel about those two willing subscribers now?

Out of all the messaging they see, they went to your site and basically said “these guys seem like they’re worth it. Not like that other site I was just on…” They are giving you explicit permission to send your messaging right to their inbox… That’s a one to one conversation at that point. Just your email and their eyes.

Let’s sweeten the pot.

According to research posted by Marketing Land, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based email offers (the offers you should be sending when they subscribe to your list). That was the overwhelming majority…with the runner-up being the crush of direct mail that clogs your mailbox (9%, yo.)

Short of them physically standing in front of you, email is the most exclusive conversation you’ll ever have with that customer. And they gave you permission to start it! They are expecting it!

Revenue generated through just outbound emails for a recent client.

I took this screenshot from the Klaviyo dashboard of one of my clients (yes…I had permission). If you take away every other thought you may have had about email marketing, this graph still speaks for itself. Even without the spikes, there is still a definitive upward trend line of money made only through outbound marketing emails to his list.

Email Open Rates

Let’s be honest, I’m sure we’ve all thought this at some point…

“I get hundreds of spam emails a day. I don’t read any of them! Why would anyone else?”

Well, you don’t open them probably because those are crap emails.

Open rates by day, Jan – Oct 2020.

Here’s another screenshot I snagged from the same dashboard on the same day. Again, forgetting everything else and stripping all the negativity away… we just can’t ignore that beautiful upward trend line showing more and more people opening his emails.

These two graphs go hand in hand…higher open rate + good email copy = increased email revenue generation.

Email Content: The Right Message to the Right Customer

Most people don’t read marketing emails for a few reasons:

  1. The subject lines are usually terrible and very spammy. “FREE GIVEAWAY OFFER!!!!!!! YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!”
  2. The messaging is too broad and lacks personality.
  3. The content is too aggressive, too pushy, and provides no value to the customer.

Go back to the beginning here…what was the concept? These people gave you permission to email them!

That means they are, at the very least, curious about your products or business. And if they arrived on your website, that also means your messaging appealed to them. All told: subscribers are in your target audience and they raised their hand to let you speak to them. At worst, this is a warm audience.

So when the time comes to send them those emails, we can neatly avoid having to lay the groundwork as if they just stumbled in off the street. We don’t have to qualify them as leads, and we don’t need to start right back from zero by addressing their problems.

We can get right into the meat and potatoes: who you are and what you do.

By skipping all the fluff bits, we can get more targeted in our approach and create emails that are authentic and personable. Like you would get from a friend.

Keep that conversation going and it doesn’t take long before they want to open your emails. And give you their money too. Personalized email content has a media ROI of 122% according to eMarketer…

Automated Email Sequences

“I don’t have time to write emails all day long!”

I know. You don’t have to.

In email marketing, we have two basic tools in our toolbox: general customer engagement emails and automated email sequences.

General Customer Engagement and Sales

General customer engagement is exactly what it sounds like. Maybe you have a new product being developed and want your customers to know. Maybe you updated your terms of service, or maybe you added some new members to your team…or maybe you just want to tell your list a good story. Those are all general engagement.

The sales emails are self-explanatory: Running a special sale? Holiday promotion? Feeling generous and want to spread some cheer? All one-off sales material.

The goal of these emails is to keep your list primed and ready. They should expect to see an email from you every now and then, so when they show up there is no surprise. The last thing you want is for your email to arrive in a customer’s inbox and have them say “whoa! Haven’t heard from these guys in a while. I forgot I even subscribed!”

Automated Email Sequences

Automated email is where you make your money.

With email platforms like Klaviyo and integrations with, say, an e-commerce platform, you can create intricate sequences for customers to follow. These sequences are like those choose-your-own-adventure novels from the late 90’s…only the customer isn’t overtly choosing anything. Their choices choose their path.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Welcome Sequence

    • Tell them about your brand, your story, what makes you unique. Explain your products and your methodology. Over the course of the sequence, you are building the case that your brand is uniquely qualified to serve their needs…and in the end, you pitch them a compelling offer to scratch that itch with your products.

      Ready for this? According to research by the conversion optimization firm invesp, welcome sequences generate 320% more revenue on average than other promotional emails.

  • Smart Browse Abandonment

    •  Integrated platforms mean your email system knows when a particular customer is looking at a specific item. For instance, a smart browse abandonment sequence may look like this:

      You sell a camera that has a proprietary rechargeable battery. You know from customer experience that the battery starts to lose charge capacity after two years or so.

      You obviously want your customers to get full use of their camera, and not suffer a terrible battery, so you create a sequence that monitors the battery product page. That sequence is set up in a way where customers will be ‘in the zone’ for it when they reach the 1.75 year mark from purchase.

      If a customer ‘in the zone’ browses the battery page but does not purchase the sequence picks them up and they receive a wonderful email saying something to the effect of “Hey friend, we noticed that you’ve had your camera for a while now and we hope you’re enjoying it. Unfortunately, the batteries do have a useful life limit and you may begin experiencing shorter battery life. We would hate to hear you missed priceless footage because of a dead battery so…here’s a coupon.”

      Now, this may seem rudimentary but think about the situation. The customer is already experiencing reduced battery life. Or at least, they think they are. For whatever reason, they sought out the page where you sell the batteries but didn’t actually commit (we could guess it’s because they may have decided the shorter life is all in their head…) Well, along comes your email confirming their suspicion and offering the solution in a single click. With some coin off the top!

      Sale closed.

  • Cart Abandonment

    • I love these.

      How often, in your own life, have you been looking at something online that you really liked. You dropped it in your cart…and before you got to the checkout, something interrupted you. It could have been your kids, your boss, the cat… hell, it could have been aliens.

      Whatever it was, you left the online store and went to do something else besides completing that purchase. How often do you think you A: remember you never finished buying the item and B: actually took the time to return to the page and complete the purchase?

      Probably not too often… Statista tells us a staggering 88% of e-commerce carts were abandoned in 2020

      So check this out.

      The same thing happens…you get distracted and forget to return. A few hours later a nice email pops up in your inbox cheerily informing you that the store has saved your cart and it’s waiting for you right at [this link]. Oh, and here’s a picture of your items to get your excitement back up and maybe even a discount.


  • Product Replacement/Enhancement 

    • Do you sell something that has a shelf life? Does it wear out? Can your customers consume it and then need more?

      Just those batteries from the last example, automated sequences can keep track of where individual customers are in their life cycle, and deliver messages right to their inbox that will make your customers think you are telepathic. “How the hell did they know I was almost out?? Well, might as well take care of this while I’m here…”

Don’t leave money on the table: engage your email list!

The long and the short of it is that your email list is a gold mine just waiting for you to pick up the shovel. Those people want to be there either through their own choice to subscribe, or they already bought from you and just need an excuse to buy more.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend hours a day just writing emails to take advantage of this situation. Carefully designed and written sequences can handle a solid 80% of your revenue-generating events without your manual intervention after creation.

It’s like having an assistant who watches over your customer list 24/7/365 and can monitor infinite streams at once. They don’t miss a beat and they are always on the ball.

Only, you don’t have to pay them!

Shameless pitch ahead…

Get the right emails to the right customers the first time

Not everyone has the time to spend carefully crafting each email in a 20-email sequence, nor do they really even want to. There’s just so many other better things to be doing…

That’s where I come in.

How I Will Make Email Marketing Work For You

Develop and Extend Brand Voice in an Engaging Way

Write engaging and typically hilarious email sequences that not only entertain your customers but it gets their wallets open exceptionally fast. You build brand loyalty AND generate revenue. These sequences are built on a deep-dive into your business, customer base, company values, and overall brand voice and tone.

Building trust with your customers and you is incredibly important to me, so I put a substantial amount of effort into making sure my messaging fits your brand and your customers.

I am a story-teller at heart, and while I love providing value to customers, I also take all the research, interviews, and data analysis to guide the ideas in my stories. This means my stories speak directly to the core desires of your customers in a way that convinces them your product/service is the solution to their problems. Because it is. Right?

Get Your Emails TO Your Customers

Not all email algorithms are alike, and no one sells anything from the spam box. So I spend a significant amount of time testing email sequences to make sure they land in your customer’s inbox.

Not the spam folder where they won’t see it. 

Engineer and Implement Data-Backed Automated Sequences

Your business is flush with analytics data that tells you what your customers do, how often they buy, what products they buy together, etc. 

All that data means there are patterns that can be exploited with automated sequences.

You customers already like your products, these sequences just arrange for a nice reminder email at the right time, with the right incentive to get their purchase. 

Add in data-backed cart and browse abandonment sequences, upsells and cross-sells, and your welcome sequence, and these flows will be generating their own revenue stream 24/7/365.

Without any manual email creation by you.

Every day that goes by is another day where that email list is just sitting there…unused and unappreciated.

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