Project Details

This client is a Family Attorney who wanted their website redone to match a different approach and feel. They also wanted to dramatically improve their SEO and search engine rankings. This client also had 26 pages of content that needed to be preserved, rewritten, and republished.

How I completed this project:

  • Interviewed the client to determine what was needed, who the client wanted to target, and how they wanted to appear to prospective customers.
  • Conducted customer avatar, market, and competitor research.
  • Developed keyword lists, and a ‘hit-list’ of the most likely keywords in range.
  • Deep-combed the existing site for keywords, content, URLs, and site structure.
  • Using the existing site information, and research findings, I designed the new site as a WordPress deployment.
  • All the site copy was re-written to reflect a more personable approach and to reach the target avatar.
  • Existing site blog content was rewritten to be more authentic and personable.
  • 301 redirects created for all old URLs not transferred to the new site.
  • New target keywords were incorporated in the new site according to keyword plan
  • Reviewed with client, made revisions, and launch site.

Special care was taken to ensure the new website was as fast as possible, and took maximum advantage of cache options and CDN support.

View The Website Here.

James Warnet

Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing Problem Solver

James Warnet is a direct response sales copywriter, digital marketer, and owner/one-man-band of NUDGECOPY, a digital marketing solutions company focused on helping First Responder businesses navigate the complexities of online marketing. James is also an 18-year veteran of the volunteer fire service and a third-generation firefighter, now serving with Mahwah Fire Rescue Co #1, in Mahwah, NJ.

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