How much time have you spent looking for info, only to realize you still weren’t sure about the answers…

Well, think of this like the fast lane of Google. You ask, I answer.

What you get:

🗹 60 minutes of my undivided attention to go over whatever you want!

How do people typically use this time?

🗹 Hash through your overall marketing hook to find the angle that really connects.

🗹 Breath new life into an existing piece of copy – So you can improve a tiny section of your funnel without writing a whole new one.

🗹 Run some email marketing ideas past me before spending more time and money on development.

🗹 Dig up an excellent connection from an otherwise meaningless story.

🗹 Feeling completely lost in the woods and not sure where to even start?

🗹 Hooks, story-telling, open rates, authentication, design, send times, flows…

🗹 Whatever you need to start meeting your goals… I promise I’m cheaper than therapy!

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