A website is so much more than colors, text and images.

Finding & Solving E-Commerce Website Issues

Code. The Foundation of All Sites.

Would you shop at a brick and mortar store that was worn out, run down, and had no power? No?

A brand’s website is their brick and mortar store…
Only this store can be entered from anywhere in the world.

Yet, brands are losing over half of potential website prospects just to technical site issues alone…

That’s Over 50% of Traffic Gone Before They Even See a Product

And the brand doesn’t even know it!

How Does This Even Happen?

For better or worse, making websites is now easier than ever. You can create a really nice looking website without having to know a single digit of code.

Well… that’s also the problem.

Without knowing anything about site design, server architecture, SEO, or even how to accurately measure site speed… So. Many. Websites. are running at impressively slow speeds, and their code is a nightmare.

According to Google, the average time to a fully loaded page is 15 seconds… How long do you personally wait for something to load?

When I started with this client, 84.8% of their traffic never left the home page…
Can you stand to lose 84.8% of potential customers?

Let’s run an experiment…

Stare at this page and mentally count for seven-seconds…

which is half the average load time…

Ready? Go!

How Long Did That Feel?

With a 5 second load time, the probability of the user leaving increases by 90%!

And site speed isn’t even the only problem facing websites…

Additional Site Considerations

Mobile-First Design

Organic Search

BrightEdge Research published a recent report that stats, on average, 53.3% of site traffic is organic search.

No brand can afford to have their website not firing at 100%

By now you probably realize that there are a ton of things you never had to consider about your website.

Your site is probably generating revenue… so why is that wrong?

It’s not. But it could be generating 10-times as much! This is one of those cases where you don’t know what you don’t know.

The good news is, no one is expecting you to lose sleep over having to figure out what all this stuff is, where to find it, and how to fix it.

You don’t need to get lost in code and site statistics… I will for you.

Stop losing potential customers today!

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