Abandoned Cart Email

Client: Fire Cam

Type of Work: Automated Email Set-Up

Project Details:

This is a standard automated abandoned cart email that goes out to known browsers who, well.... abandon their cart.

How I Completed This Project:

Deep market, avatar, and product research went into this email. I also developed the client's Unique Selling Proposition for this product and leaned on it heavily in the copy.


Hey James,

This is [redacted],
I just noticed that you may have left something behind...

If life just jumped up and demanded your attention...
I understand...I have children...

So to make it easier on you, I kept all your stuff ready and waiting for you to come back and finish.
I also want to remind you of our legendary Fire Cam damage plan...
Point blank, if you damage your new camera components in a fire, within the next year...
We'll fix it. On us.

There isn't a camera provider out there who guarantees camera parts knowing you will be taking it inside a structure on fire.
But we do.

When my husband and business partner, [redacted] invented the first Fire Cam, he poured his extensive inner-city interior firefighting experience into a design that works for firefighters...

Because he never wanted your camera to let you down...

He was also determined to make every component repairable...
So you'll never hear "sorry, you have to buy a whole new camera," from us.

When you're out there getting it done, trust me, that camera is easily as tough as the lid it's mounted on...
And we'll stand behind it without hesitation.

So when you're ready and have time, use this link to get right back to where you left off.
And if you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to ask. We're here for you.

Stay Low, Stay Safe,
- Client


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