Commissioned Personal Story

Client: Fire Cam

Type of Work: Commissioned Piece

Project Details:

While working with this client (Fire Cam), on unrelated projects, one of the company’s co-founders (Rob Schield) unexpectedly died in an accident.

Approximately three weeks after his passing, Rob’s wife Jami (the remaining co-founder), asked me if I would write “Rob’s Story” for her to publish. She wanted to memorialize the history of Fire Cam to that point, through the deeply personal story of her husband.

How I Completed This Project:

At the time I accepted this very humbling task, I had nearly three hours of recorded interview time with Rob for the other projects. Thankfully, some of those interviews included his role in the founding of Fire Cam.

After reviewing what I already had, I asked Jami for the contact information of some other people I could interview, and include.

I eventually interviewed 7 people, and recorded just short of 20 hours worth of audio. Honestly speaking, these were the hardest interviews I have ever done. Each person I spoke to was either one of Rob’s close friends, or one of his family members. Each one was hurting in their own way, and each one was still struggling to deal with his loss (most of these were taken 3-4 weeks after his passing).

This piece also became personal to me, because I knew I was writing it for the people who were grieving. Getting this right for them was my primary concern, above all.

They all agreed, I did.


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