Expert Articles – Marksmanship

Client: Tactical Hyve

Type of Work: Article

Project Details:

After nearly six years in the Marine Corps infantry where I earned a number of marksmanship awards, firearms was a subject I knew all too much about. Add in the fact that I frequently teach marksmanship and I can write at the expert level on pistol marksmanship.

This client put that talent to good use and commissioned several articles covered a wide range of marksmanship subjects.

How I Completed This Project:

I was given the latitude to make the pieces as long as necessary to get the point across with supporting information. Informing the reader fully was placed at a higher premium than length or depth.

To complete these articles, I leveraged my deep personal knowledge and supported it with industry-recognized authorities.

When I finished each article, the client passed them on to subject matter experts to review the content, and give recommendations. Very few changes were requested before the articles were published.


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