WooCommerce Store Build-Out

Client: BA Shields

Type of Work: E-Commerce Store Development

Project Details:

This client wanted to move their existing E-Commerce store to a different store platform that allowed them more customization options in the future. After consulting with them on their needs and what they wanted to achieve, we settled on a WooCommerce store.

The reach-goal for this project was to launch the new store before Black Friday/Cyber Monday and use advertising to build momentum. Not only was that goal achieved, but the clients' sales exploded.

How I Completed This Project:

Created a development environment on a virtual server, with a subdomain off their primary domain.
Installed and configured WordPress and WooCommerce.
Transferred their existing product catalog, prices, descriptions, and processes to the new store.
Interviewed the client about their origin story, company philosophies, and customers.
Conducted deep market, customer avatar, and competitor research
Created all store pages, and populated them with the sales copy that came from my research
Reviewed with client and adjusted.
Launched store.


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