Firefighter - Police Officer - EMT - Public Safety Diver

Direct Response Copywriter for the Emergency First Responder Market

Hi, my name is James Warnet

I am a veteran first responder turned direct response copywriter specializing in the Emergency Response and First Responder products and services market.

After 17 years as a firefighter/EMT, and three years as a sworn LEO, I’ve seen a lot of truly innovative products and services for our industry. Many became successful brands, but many more struggled or stagnated.

Struggling or stagnating businesses can’t continue to innovate and grow.

In looking at those that struggled, I noticed a trend.

  • Typically, the business employed hard-working and dedicated employees that deeply cared about first responders and their safety.

  • Owners were full of ideas for new products or services that could make a big impact. 

  • Despite having an impressive product that current customers loved, sales seemed to be forever stunted.

  • Because of slow revenue, the company was stuck.

If you’re here then you likely realize that the difference between a 2.5% conversion rate and a 10+% conversion rate is probably due to the words on the page or screen. 

With the First Responder products and services market growing at a staggering rate, potential customers need to be captivated, entertained and motivated in order to hit the ‘buy’ button.

Otherwise they’re on to a competitor’s product or service.

Northeast Public Safety Divers -
Public Safety Diver Training Center

"Boy does this guy know his stuff! We went from a few leads every couple months to multiple leads a week! And my territory has blown up to a lot of the east coast! He can read minds, I swear."

- Tim Andro, Owner, Northeast Public Safety Divers

Innovation is fantastic...

But revenue is earned on the back of changing lives...first by convincing them it is possible...

"There are a million copywriters all promising the same thing. What makes you so special?"

My favorite question...

I’m nothing special…really. I don’t have any special magic tricks that makes money miraculously appear out of thin air…I don’t claim any “insider secrets” and I definitely don’t claim to be a “guru” of anything. 

What I am, is an eternal student of psychology and the compulsive study of human behavior. I am obsessed with it, and have been studying people my entire life. 

I was the weird kid checking Behavioral Psychology out of the library at 14…or writing academic research papers for absolutely no reason. 

My alma mater required that I take 12 psychology courses for my BA…I took the entire catalog, sometimes four at a time, and graduated summa cum laude

I am a master of empathy and a ridiculously deep researcher, and I approach even the most remote selling opportunities as a chance to dig as deep as possible into the minds of prospects. I find their switches, their fears, who they always wanted to be, what twists them up and what gives them hope…

And I turn it all into the words that make them buy.

Black Mask Divers - Public Safety Diver Apparel and Equipment

"Since bringing James on board, sales have increased 120% across my entire product line!! Store traffic is up 112%! I tried Facebook ads, and figured my emails were good enough. Boy was I wrong! It feels like he asked me a million questions, redid all my outreach, and now I can't keep my inventory stocked!"

- Kevin Kemmerling, Owner, BlackMaskDivers

It's Time For You To Know What All the Big Brands Know

If Your Sales Funnels Aren't Locked Tight, You Are Losing Money

Automated Email Sequences

Your email list is a goldmine waiting for the right switches to be flipped. With carefully designed automated sequences, your email list can silently usher prospects through the funnels that will check all their boxes... 


Turn your email list into a money printing machine.

Perceptive & Savvy Copywriting

Do your site pages speak to the core desires of your prospects? Do your emails carry the reader along with entertaining information that guides them to buy? Is your brand 100% in tune with every aspect of your customer?



Let's make those answers all "yes!"

Consulting & Critiques

Have you ever asked yourself: Why are all my emails going to spam? Why is my site traffic tanking? Why do all my Facebook ads suck? Will this copy actually sell?



If your revenue stream isn't what you think it should or could be, I can tell you why.

Let me do the technical and creative wrangling. So you can focus on your business.

Started Work... Began testing... Implemented Results...

Single-digit open rates are a race to the bottom...
Step your game up.

Need More?

My nearly two decades of Emergency Services experience includes:

  • Firefighter
  • EMT
  • Public Safety SCUBA Diver
  • Sworn Law Enforcement (Patrol)

LDH? Blackwater? Forward Lay? Size-up? EDP? Unified Command? ICS? NIMS? 

The Emergency Response world is packed to the brim with acronyms, nomenclature, region-specific terms, slang and shorthand. 

Using a term incorrectly or not explaining a service that fits within an actual operation means a substantial loss of credibility for you and lost sales.

Why not hire a proven copywriter who speaks all those languages fluently? 

The firehouse goes quiet when a non-firefighting visitor arrives. Police Officers rarely trust anyone enough to speak to them freely. EMT’s will tell you everything is fine while their eyes tell a different story.

But firefighters will welcome a fellow firefighter in with open arms. Police Officers share a bond that transcends location and agency, and EMT’s will openly swap stories with those that have walked the walk. 

I own the all-access pass to the best market research available.  

The biggest secret weapon behind successful sales copy is truly understanding your ideal customer and writing the copy in a way that resonates with their deeper struggles or core desires.

My professional experience means I can pinpoint the exact problem a product or service will solve, and I can describe the solution in an endearing and persuasive manner. 

Ready for that 10+% conversion rate or 500+% increase in inbound leads? My clients have seen it.

Many copywriters focus only on creating that single burst of copy in an otherwise sterile environment. All that means is all the supporting details fail to come together. 

I approach copywriting from a holistic standpoint, so the copy supports other aspects of the funnel, ad or landing page.

When necessary, my copy can be fully SEO-friendly so it will drive sales while also increasing organic search traffic, and I can collaborate with graphic designers so word flow can complement the creative design. 

Before I put a single word of copy on the page, I obsess over the product, customer, your company and what your product/service will do. 

I conduct detailed internet searches, deep-dive applicable internet forums, interview prior customers and experts, leverage social media to meet the customer where they are and read any book I can get my hands on. 

Above all I believe in making First Responders safer and more effective at their tasks so everyone goes home.

If convincing them to use your product or service accomplishes that...I pour my heart into it.

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