Evolve Your Marketing From “Winging-It”
To Strategic and Deliberate.

Fuel long-term growth with a proven process that catches your customer’s attention, drives their purchase, and nurtures them into being vocal supporters.

Firefighter and Veteran-Owned. Industry Trusted.

Have you ever wondered why some brands just seem to get it, are always growing, and become the ‘go-to’ source

…While others seem stuck with mediocre sales, poor engagement, and just all around… struggling?

Here’s the secret… It isn’t luck. The brands that always seem to be doing the right things are actually quietly taking advantage of all the hidden routes to faster websites, higher converting sales copy and complex funnels.

The Three Critical Problems That Force Brands Into Stagnation


What many E-Commerce brand owners don’t realize is that factors like site speed, navigation design, organic search value, and engaging product descriptions can make or break their sales.

Even worse, they don’t know how to even measure these factors or determine how much money walks out the door.

Social Media

Social media platforms are literal advertising data clearing-houses. Brands can quickly build massive followings and generate thousands of dollars a day in revenue…with minimal ad spend! But only if they know how.

Deep audience creation, ad targeting, cross-platform tracking and proper pixel integration are all key to making it rain.


If a brand is sitting on an email list full of names and addresses, but no structured path to communicating with those names in a deliberate way… then they are essentially letting money walk out the door.

Email has the highest ROI of any advertising medium… by a staggering margin. Your email list should be farming revenue 24/7/365.

Worst-case scenario is a business paralyzed by the thought of knowing these problems exist… and having no idea how to solve them or when they’ll find the time to address them.

Left Unaddressed, These Issues Will Prevent Long-Term Growth…Because Your Competition is Busy Solving Them!

Here’s the good news…

…The only steps you have to take towards solving these hurdles… is finding someone who knows how!

Let me rephrase that…

..The only steps you have to take towards solving these hurdles… is to realize you’re ready to grow… click this link, fill out the easy form, and get ready to evolve.

It’s Time To Move Past the Existence of Problems and Towards The Solutions

So, what the hell do I know to make these claims?

Hi, my name is James.

And I am a direct response copywriter and all-around digital marketing, make-it-all-work guy from New Jersey.

I am also a third-generation firefighter, Marine Corps veteran and former cop with a degree in psychology and a deep obsession with all things technology, human behavior, and where those two interests intersect.

My secret sauce is limitless empathy, hardened interview and research skills, and exceptional ability to function under pressure… all developed through years of intense direct experience.

… Add in an intense understanding of how people think/act/make decisions and an intimate understanding of technology and problem solving…

I get shit done.

My greatest asset, however, is my determination to be authentic and real with every one of my clients, and their customers. I refuse to hide anything, bullshit anyone, or turn down a challenge.

I’m a diver too. Life is too short to sit at home when there are perfectly good dangerous things to do.

What I do is simple…

I help brands crush the Three Critical Problems by developing, writing, implementing, and managing all the digital pieces that make up a well-rounded online sales presence.

I diagnose website issues, critically analyze site data, compulsively study your customer base, and attack the whole problem that stands between you and brand growth.

You don’t have to take my word for it… Just listen to these guys…

Unique user site traffic for NortheastPSD.com…Before
Unique user site traffic for NortheastPSD.com… After

Here’s What I’m Really Good At

Website ‘Nerding’

I systematically dissect your site on all levels to find the spaces where you lose customers.

Targeted Sales Copy

Compelling, descriptive, and authentic sales copy is the difference between an “I’ll pass” and “wow, I need this in my life.”

Automated Email Sequences

Automated email sequences have the highest ROI of any sales channel on the planet, and can be targeted down to very granular levels for sniper-level deliveries on prospects.

Media Funnels

Most of the magic behind incredibly successful campaigns is knowing how to take advantage of the enormous store of data at your beck and call. Get the right message in front of the right person… cha-ching.

Overall sales growth of BlackMaskDivers. We started work in late February, finished the foundation by April, and started testing sales strategies in May. In July, we launched with what we had learned.

My Philosophy

My Philosophy

If your product or service will make your customers safer, make their tasks easier, or improve their quality of life…

…Then I will obsessively work towards spreading it as far as I can

How I Do Business

I believe in being genuine and authentic.

I will not manipulate anyone into buying a bad product, and I only work with brands who believe in themselves as much as they believe in their customers.

To help you, I will spend a lot of time getting to know you, your brand, and your personal values. These are the keys to a genuine brand that customers want to connect with.

In Short…I Will Tell Your Story

I am here to offer as much, or as little, help as you need.

You want a specific copywriting solution? No problem.

Completely lost and need some digital marketing direction first, and help second?

Let’s do it. ​

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