Hi, my name is James,

and I help businesses translate their products and value into the compelling reasons that convince customers to 'buy'.

Your Business In Words

You've built a great business, with amazing products or services. Don't you wish every prospect was a customer?

How do we get there?


Convincing new customers to buy is far more about understanding them, their needs, and their behavior, than it is having a savvy product. You have to think like they do, and meet them where they are before you'll ever get a chance to sell them your product. 


There is only one tried-and-true method to know exactly what language will drive the most sales: testing it. Only with the data can an ad be improved, or a sales page be judged successful or not.


There is always room for ...


What good is testing data if we don't use it to improve our sales and increase revenue?


If a sales pitch is working we must understand why so we can make it better. 


Without constant improvement, money gets left on the table.

Your time has actual value, and the more time you spend trying to teach yourself how to write ads, optimize for search and develop your web presence, the less time you have to actually run your business.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to rewrite my story, to choose a new path. Unfortunately, I didn't know what path I wanted, or what path I could even take. As fortune had it, a friend was struggling with getting more customers and growing his small business. After reviewing his website, I noticed a few typos, grammatical errors and his 'pitch' just didn't feel "right".

After offering to 'spruce it up' I jumped headlong into deep research about his customers. Thanks to my background in Psychology and limitless curiosity about human behavior, I wrote some changes that reflected what I had discovered about his customers and how they thought.   

Within weeks, he was fielding more leads than at any other point in his company's history.

It wasn't long before another friend asked for the same type of help. Then another. Then another. In short order, friends of friends were calling, and they were offering money.

I had rewritten my story. Literally.

In just six months, James designed and built my entire site, started managing my Facebook advertising and launched us into Google search. I've fielded more leads in the last few months than I have at any other point in my company's history.

He knows his stuff, delivers on time and answered every single question I sent his way. Hands-down, worth every single penny.

As a small business, every single lead matters. Every customer is your most important customer, and digital marketing and outreach should be your primary focus. 

Except you've got a business to run.

Well, I'm not an apparel company, a scuba instructor, or an app designer. Those are your jobs.

I am a writer and my job is to get people needing your products or services to you and not your competition.

Client Centered

In order to help your business connect with your customers I need to understand your business first. Above all, my constant goal is to help you.

Hard Data Backed

I insist on, and trust, the analytics data behind any changes I make. There is no guess-work or suppositions; changes can be tracked, measured and demonstrated.

Flexible Process

I present a multitude of options with timelines so you can choose the course of action you are ready for now, and what can be done later. 

Malicious code identified and removed, and a number of improvements added, at the red arrow.
James was excellent! His knowledge, efficiency, and diligence make him a great asset. He worked quickly, listen to the task at hand and provided the necessary information to make the project work. He was able to handle additional issues on our site and was very proficient with Word Press, Inmotion Hosting, Plugins, Google Analytics, virus detection and more. I would highly recommend James.

You are an expert in your business. I am an expert at 

The Internet is here and it is everywhere you look. Computers, smart phones, coffee makers, homes, you can even buy an oven that can be connected to the internet.

The Internet is the prime source for nearly any question someone needs to answer or where they will find their next purchase. 

The trick is, how can your business be that answer?

Have some questions?

You can probably answer this question for yourself. 

If you are in an unfamiliar area, or looking to try something new for dinner, how do you look for new restaurants? If you need an electrician, plumber, a new electronics gadget, a book, a piece of hardware, or literally anything new, where do you turn?

Well, if you are like 82% of consumers under 50, you are turning to the internet. And if do, there’s a 90% chance you will select one of the first few results.

If your business isn’t in those results, you are only reaching 18% of your potential market.

I am a writer and I persuade people with the written word. 

What separates me from the average writer is, I know what to write and how to write it.



Curious? Any journey worth taking starts with a single step somewhere.

Let's start that journey, today.

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