Ready to take a step forward?

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” Norman Schwarzkopf

Well, you’ve come
this far.

Well, you’ve come this far.

There is a theory in psychology that says if someone takes an action, no matter how small, then they begin to see themselves as the type of person who would do such a thing.

Since you’re here, that means you made a decision to continue…

And then you acted on that decision.

Looks like you’re the type of person that makes decisions and follows-through.

Email Marketing Packages


$750 /MONTH

This package is designed for brands that want to do their own email but need their email foundation built right.

3 Month Process

  • Comprehensive review of your email authentication setup
  • Market & customer research planning/execution
  • Establish your email marketing platform and integrate data sources
  • Overall strategy and email marketing planning
  • Provide limited training to 2 employees on basic copywriting, email practices, and analytics


$1500 /month

For brands that have no/”some” email marketing and want to get a good foundation for revenue generation and customer relationship building.

6 Month Process

  • Everything in Setup PLUS
  • Welcome sequence
  • Post-purchase sequence
  • Abandoned cart sequence
  • Basic audience segmentation and list health preparation
  • 3 Campaigns per month
  • Monthly reporting
  • Extra Campaigns $500 each

Full Boat

$3500 /month

This package is designed to cover all of your basic and advanced email marketing needs in one shot, done-for-you.

Minimum 6 Month Process

  • Everything in Setup and Foundation PLUS
  • Advanced data collection & tagging
  • Review and performance optimization of all sequences
  • Advanced dynamic segmentation
  • Deep integration setup with CRMs, social media, and ecommerce platforms
  • Comprehensive data-driven sequences based on key products or customer attributes
  • 5 Campaigns per month
  • Extra Campaigns $500 Each

1 On 1 Consulting

30 Minutes


This block of time is perfect to chip away at some of the things you want to know about email marketing, whether it will work for you, or how you should take the plunge.

Much faster than Googling for answers and more entertaining too!

60 – Minutes


Let’s go over some copy, or examine your existing email marketing process. Maybe you want to go over a few email hooks, or build out your overall strategy.

This could be the most information-profitable 60 minutes of your business!

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