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⇨ Crush website problems that limit your growth
⇨ Dramatically improve revenue streams
⇨ Establish dominance in your industry as the “go-to source”

Where You Have Seen Me

Firefighter and Veteran-Owned.
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Are you struggling to see the results you want?

► Are you wasting valuable time searching for how to solve problems you know nothing about?

► Do your emails have abysmally low open rates and barely any purchases?

► Do you know you need to ‘level up’ and don’t even know where to start?

► Do you have an amazing product or service and just don’t know how to explain it so people love it too?

► Have an email list and barely ever use it? Or don’t know what to use it for?

► Know you need to make some tech changes and have just been avoiding it?

Do you know you could be soaring if you just had the right help and answers from someone who understands?

The Three Critical Problems That Are Hurting Brands


What many website owners don’t realize is that factors like site speed, navigation design, organic search value, and engaging product descriptions can make or break their sales.


Compelling and persuasive writing is a learned skill full of complexity. Revenue generation can literally hang on the exact words chosen and the way they are arranged. A boom, or a bust… Just from words.


If a brand is sitting on an email list full of names and addresses, but no structured path to communicating with those names in a deliberate way… then they are essentially letting money walk out the door.

If you aren’t managing all three of these pieces well, then you are letting money walk right out the door.

It Can Stop If You’re Ready… Click Here and Reach Out

The reality of digital marketing is that “winging-it” will only get you mediocre success…

When you decide to rise above the “mediocre” and start asking the right people for the right help… That’s when the real rockets start taking off.

And if you are ready to start bringing in the specialist big guns, why not reach for someone with almost 20 years of first responder experience… Someone who knows the tech platforms and the ideal customers like they know their own house and family.

Why not ask someone who wants your business to succeed as much as you do.
And is willing to invest the time to do it…

What Some of My Clients Think…

I am getting more leads in a month than I did all last year.

“I brought James in because he is a diver and understands my customers. What I didn’t expect was all the work I would have to do now that I am getting more leads in a month than I did all last year.

Facebook ads never seemed to work for me but I guess it was something I had wrong because they definitely work now!”
Tim Andro
Owner – Northeast Public Safety Divers
Unique user site traffic for NortheastPSD.com…Before
Unique user site traffic for NortheastPSD.com… After

“…the guy is a damn wizard when it comes to the internet!

now we are crushing last year’s sales numbers! I can’t even keep my products on the shelf!!!”

“I hired James to fix my entire sales funnel and website, and wow. I am so glad I did. I asked a million questions and he answered every one with patience and detail, even if I asked the same question twice. And the guy is a damn wizard when it comes to the internet!

In just a few months he fixed my SEO, changed some code on my site, fixed all my product descriptions, created some Facebook ads, and somehow created an entire email funnel. And now we are crushing last year’s sales numbers! I can’t even keep my products on the shelf!!! Oh and the emails he wrote for our customer engagement are hilarious! I get replies from customers all the time about it.

I’m not sure how I would have done this without him, but I am so glad we connected.”
Kevin Kemmerling
Owner – Black Mask Divers

Overall sales growth of Black Mask Divers. We started work in late February, finished the foundation by April, and started testing sales strategies in May. In July, we launched with what we had learned.

Here is My Philosophy…

If your product or service will make your customers safer, make their tasks easier, or improve their quality of life…

…Then I will obsessively work towards spreading it as far as I can

My Philosophy

How I Do Business

I believe in being genuine and authentic.

I will not manipulate anyone into buying a bad product, and I only work with brands who believe in themselves as much as they believe in their customers.

To help you, I will spend a lot of time getting to know you, your brand, and your personal values. These are the keys to a genuine brand that customers want to connect with.

In Short…I Will Tell Your Story

Ready to Start? Need an Eye on Something? Let’s Get Started.

I am always trying to share what I know…

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