James Warnet - Direct Response Copywriter

Who is James Warnet?

James is also a former public servant turned direct response copywriter who specializes in weaving a deep knowledge of psychology and human behavior into the words, phrases, and sentences that reach inside people’s minds to flick the switch from ‘meh’ to “BUY”.

Exhaustive customer research, data-driven marketing improvements, expansive technical knowledge of the nuts and bolts behind email sequences, and social media ads…

If there is a marketing channel you are not using to the fullest potential…and are happy with the results…

James will make it better, more robust, and so so lucrative.


Now, with that out of the way, we can turn off the third-person speak…

Who Am I Really?

The real me…the guy sitting behind this keyboard…is just a guy.

I like beer… I frequently write while wearing pajama pants with santa-hat-wearing stormtroopers on them…I swear an uncomfortably frequent amount…I have a wife that sometimes annoys me, and two wonderful kids that I alternate between adoring and wanting to run away from.

I am a third-generation volunteer firefighter, so I was raised in a firehouse with some of the most obnoxious, crass, foul-mouthed, big-hearted people you’ll ever meet. The kind of people that never hesitated a single step before entering a building that wanted to kill them…just to see if someone could be saved.

After almost two decades of fighting fire…I’ll stop when they make me.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps two weeks after I turned 18, and spent almost six years in a specialized unit that was obsessed with weapons, tactics, and running.

I hate running.

I will never claim to be an expert at anything…and I can’t lie to save my life.

My biggest hurdles in life and business are that I often become entirely invested in my client’s success as people…before their success as a business. So I lay awake at night mulling over new ideas to help someone solve a problem, or I whip out my phone at the beach to jot down a new headline I just thought up.

I love helping people with any problem they have.

I sound wonderful, right? But what can I do for you?

Here’s my secret sauce: I am utterly and compulsively obsessed with psychology, human behavior, and the endless ways to influence it.

Not just a passing interest…

…I was the kid checking Evolutionary Psychology out of the library at 12 years old. I wrote academic papers for fun. Actually paid for scientific research database access when I wasn’t even in school…just to read the studies…

…my library is packed with books on philosophy, psychology, sociology, anthropology…all those “study of” words.

I’m also not a read-a-few-articles-on-the-net “psych expert” either…

When I got my BA in psychology, my alma mater required that I enroll in 12 psychology courses over the course of my four years… I took all. Of. them. The entire psychology catalog and some of the sociology courses too.

And while I was studying and writing papers like a madman because I foolishly decided to take 3 400-level fieldwork psych courses at the same time…I loved every minute of it.

If I can see you, talk to you, or even imagine you… I’m compulsively analyzing everything about you.

I know, it’s weird.

On the upside, that means I offer business owners an abnormally deep peek into the minds of their possible customers. With that inside knowledge, I write email sequences, product descriptions, and social media ads that are so targeted, people think they wrote them themselves.

All that means is they fall all over themselves buying your product or service….

…And keeps my calendar full of businesses who want the laser-guided sales bomb.

Like the e-commerce apparel company that hired me to write their Facebook ads…which I then had to turn off because I sold all their available inventory in a week. They made more money that month than the entire previous year.

How about the multi-million dollar camera company that asked for a new email sequence to “support their targeted paid ads”? In just a single weekend sale, my new email sequence earned triple the revenue those ads were bringing in…

I expanded a SaaS company’s territory from three states to half the nation in three months with Facebook ads…

Increased lead generation for a training company to more leads in one month than they had ever fielded in any given year…

And wrote an email sequence that was so in tune with the prospective audience that I essentially created a cult following for a brand.

What I do isn’t particularly special because all the material is always right there. I’m not an engineer employing proprietary formulas, or a chemist mixing the next secret batch of Coke.

I’m just exceptionally good at examining people and turning their innermost thoughts into words.

How Can You Get Me On Your Team?

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