Inside My Mind

I would say ‘welcome to the randomness of my inner monologue’ but I’m not exactly sure I should actually welcome you. Maybe we’ll consider this a fair warning and call it good.

This section is where I dump all the random musing rattling around inside my mind.

We’re talking the 2AM staring-at-the-ceiling-contemplating-the-color-purple type of musings, or the I-just-saw-a-really-creative-advertisement-and-I-want-to-dissect-it posts.

Writing is an important part of my creative process and I generally think at my best when I can get my thoughts out in the open where I can see them. And now you get to see them too.


Never Forget Who Your Audience Is…

The goal of every business, in every channel, is to capture the customer’s attention, and convert them into a sale. In other words, convince them to give you their money instead of giving it to the next guy.  Ever wonder why some people can just sell while others flounder? Why some businesses…
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Testing Your Way Out of the Gmail Promotions Tab

There are a lot of things that keep email marketers awake at night… Is my subject line interesting? Will the email copy convert? Is my voice on-brand? Add in the metrics, A/B testing, and sitting on the edge of your seat while the emails roll out… Well, there are a…
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