Inside My Mind

I would say ‘welcome to the randomness of my inner monologue’ but I’m not exactly sure I should actually welcome you. Maybe we’ll consider this a fair warning and call it good.

This section is where I dump all the random musing rattling around inside my mind.

We’re talking the 2AM staring-at-the-ceiling-contemplating-the-color-purple type of musings, or the I-just-saw-a-really-creative-advertisement-and-I-want-to-dissect-it posts.

Writing is an important part of my creative process and I generally think at my best when I can get my thoughts out in the open where I can see them. And now you get to see them too.


Image Size Kills Site Speed

What is image size and how does it murder website load speed? How do you find the slow images? How do you fix it? All right here.
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What the hell is SEO and do I really need it?

SEO may seem like the Dark Arts, only practiced by the super nerds that hide in the shadows… Well, it isn’t. While it is important, it’s not impossible to understand.
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